Southwest Florida Tech Net Tonight at 8pm! (Rag Chew Starts at 7:30)


Tonight On The Southwest Florida Tech Net, Fire Up Your Rigs and Join Us As We Ride The Bands..   We will be Discussing and Demonstrating Each Band from 80M to 70cm using the three primary Voice Modes.   We will be using Phone on Side Band, FM, and AM.   
Ever wanted to try your rig on 70cm USB, or talk on 80M FM, well here is your chance.  We will dial up each band and we will take quick check ins.  This will provide an opportunity to see how your radio is doing and test it's use on each band and mode.   We may even be able to make contact with DXStations as well on HF.    Folks on Zoom will hear the Radio in my shack as I answer check ins.  

We will discuss each band and mode as we go, allowing everyone to give insight on when, where, and what is the best use of each band and we will discuss the pitfalls of each. 

To Participate goto www.SWFLTech.Net and click the "DIRECT ZOOM LINK" button (Top Right) to enter the meeting. No Sign Up or Sign In is Required.   The Rag Chew Starts on the Zoom at 7:30and then we get down to business at 8pm.  Joining Late and Rejoining is not a problem, the meeting is open to all!

No matter where your shack may be, you can try to reach us on each mode until we find one that works.   Follow along in Zoom and see if you can contact Net control!    Here are the Frequencies and Modes We Will Be Operating On, Join Us! 

General License Bands
  • 80 Meters LSB - 3.875
  • 80 Meters FM - 3.875
  • 80 Meters AM - 3.885
  • 40 Meters LSB - 7.280
  • 40 Meters FM - 7.280
  • 40 Meters AM - 7.290
  • 20 Meters USB - 14.276
  • 20 Meters FM - 14.276
  • 20 Meters AM - 14.286
Technician License Bands
  • 10 Meters USB - 28.475 (Windmill Net)
  • 10 Meters FM - 29.600
  • 10 Meters AM - 29.100
  • 6 Meters USB - 50.125
  • 6 Meters FM - 52.525
  • 6 Meters AM - 50.400
  • 2 Meters USB - 144.200
  • 2 Meters FM - 146.490 (CC Gabfest)
  • 2 Meters AM - 145.750
  • 70cm USB - 432.200
  • 70cm FM - 432.100
  • 70cm AM - 432.200
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Grab your favorite Rig and Join Us Friday Night at 8pm for a Journey through the Bands and Modes!    

AGAIN, To Participate goto www.SWFLTech.Net and click the "DIRECT ZOOM LINK" button

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