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I participate in the Lee county winklink training session run by Steve, W9GPI.  Steve does a great job encouraging us to learn the many facets of the winlink program.
Are you wondering just what is winlink?

Winlink is...a worldwide radio email service that uses radio pathways where the internet is not present and is capable of operating completely without the internet--automatically--using smart-network radio relays. Winlink provides its user's email with attachments, position reporting, weather, and information bulletins, and is well-known for its role in interoperable emergency and disaster relief communications.

To begin with, there is no need to get the radio involved.  We'll save that for another time.  First, let's get the program up and running and get comfortable with sending and receiving messages using the internet function of the program.

Take these three simple steps to get started.
1)   Watch the following short video   -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO730gfzYko
2)   Download the winlink express software --   https://downloads.winlink.org/User%20Programs/Winlink_Express_install_1-5-25-0.zip
3)   Setup your winlink account.  - Using Winlink Express, follow the account creation instructions presented by the program. Winlink Express makes the process easy.

For more information (and there is a lot of it), see  



Alright...we have a few people interested. 

Once you have your program downloaded and you've registered with the winlink system, let's make sure your settings are correct.



If you've watched the video, downloaded the software and setup your winlink account, you should be ready to send your first winlink email.

Let's do it !

  • We will open the winlink program using that purple checkerboard icon
  • Open a new message
  • complete the test message
  • post the test message to the outbox
  • open the telnet session
  • start the transmission
  • And confirm the sending of the test message


Let's create anew message.

Post the new message to your outbox


Let's make sure the message is in your outbox.


Alright..Now you are ready to send the message.
First, make sure you have selected the Telnet Winlink session and then press open session

Press start session....


Congratulations...You just sent your first winlink email !


Dennis, W6BFK suggested these settings to help us keep up with winlink messages and notifications:

1.  Under Settings/Message Notification and Forwarding
     Automatic Message Notification
A check-in the Send notification of new message arrivals and a personal email address in the box below it will trigger an email notification that a winlink email is pending for download.  This is a good option to set for those of us that don't routinely monitor our winlink or have winlink installed on multiple machines in multiple locations.

2.  Under Settings/Message Notification and Forwarding
     Automatic Message Notification
A check-in the Automatically forward messages to the specified address along with an email address in the box below  has the similar behavior of out of office for winlink.  What goes unsaid is that emails are diverted and not presented during a Winlink session.

3.  Under Settings/Preferences
A check-in the Display list of spending incoming messages prior to download will present a list of winlink emails pending on the server and allow the user to select the message(s) he wants to download during this session.  This is a very powerful tool when under the gun and both time &  traffic management are at a premium.


Group Addresses


Winlink Express includes the ability to add group address names to save typing out a number of individual addresses that normally received the same message. To create a group address,
click on Settings > Group Addresses... to bring up the Group Addresses dialog.

A group address name may be any character combination that follows the same format rules as a radio or tactical address. Just be careful that you don't choose a name that is the same
as a call sign or tactical address that you might need to send a message to.

When a new message is posted to the Outbox the group name will be replaced by the actual addresses it represents.


To add a new group address entry, click "Add Group".  This screen will appear:

Again, just make sure that the name of your group does not conflict with other callsigns or tactical calls.




Winlink Peer to Peer - Using Winlink without the internet.

Julian provides a great look at using Winlink without the internet.