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The ARRL may have a candidate for the SE Division Director, which is up for election this year.  You may know, there was some controversy regarding the installment of the current ARRL SE Director, Greg SarrattIn any case, this is an opportunity to learn more about the candidates.

Mickey Baker Facebook Page

It is my intention to run for ARRL SE Director. I would appreciate your support!

Mickey N4MB

  • Mickey Baker Hi, I’m Mickey Baker, N4MB, and I want to be the next Director to represent the ARRL’s Southeast Division.

    This position is only one of 15 that represent all the amateurs in the United States – no one Director has the power to change everything, so it
     is important that we elect a Director that knows how to work with others, gain consensus and agree on common interests for the good of the League and of Amateur Radio. 

    I believe that I share many of the same values of recently elected Directors and will support the positive change in direction that I’ve seen in 2019. 

    I’m a transparency candidate. I believe that the membership should be aware of all matters before the Board and that the Board should reflect the wishes of the membership. I support open meetings, recording, video recording or live streaming whenever possible. I support public disclosure of votes, by issue, by director.

    If elected, I will work toward achieving what my constituents, tell me to be the most important challenges for the ARRL and amateur radio, including:

    · The amateur radio population is growing – but the percentage of us who become League members is decreasing. This is a serious problem for the League and amateur radio in general and we must turn this trend around. 

    · We must work to bridge the cultural and generational gap in amateur radio. We must find and recruit amateurs from a younger and more diversified group.

    · We must find a way for clubs to see an advantage to be affiliated with the ARRL by supporting their efforts in recruiting and testing by using a portion of money to fund their expansion. These clubs are “first contact” with new amateurs in the testing program and ARRL is missing out on this recruiting opportunity! (How about a copy of QST with a discounted membership application with each exam?)

    · I understand the role of EMCOM in the modern Incident Command System and am currently the designated Communications Section Chief of a city government EOC. ARES must change so that amateur radio operators are FEMA trained and ARES is recognized as a serious part of the Incident Command Structure as it exists today. This is much different than even a few years ago! 

    Having an emergency organization without buy-in from local government agencies simply will not work. Again, this requires a strong field organization with affiliated club involvement.

    Who is N4MB?

    I’m an active amateur radio operator, licensed since 1970. I’m a Life Member of ARRL and have been a member 42 years. I’m a veteran of the US Army. 

    As a trustee for a number of repeaters, I have experience with FM, D-Star, DMR, Allstar, Fusion and other linking systems. I’ve built and operate a great HF station with antennas on a small farm in Palm Beach County, FL.

    I was vice president and then president of the Broward Amateur Radio Club during a time when the club grew from 10 to 80 members. I restarted the Club’s Field Day tradition, raised money and replaced repeaters and installed links to other repeaters using RF and the Internet – AllStar Net and D-Star.

    I’ve worked in technology my entire career as an engineer, a manager, a director and CIO. About half my career I’ve worked for technology companies in development, field and sales organizations and about half as a consultant and an IT 
    manager. Although I’m currently CIO for a municipal government, I’ve specialized in consulting for Continuity of Operations and have developed working DR plans for some of the largest organization in the world.

    I’ve worked in public service, often working with local governments in communities where there is activism and politics. I’ve navigated within these complex relationships to achieve significant change for the betterment of all. 

    My style is non-confrontational and non-combative. I use respect for experience, intellect, knowledge and hard work to achieve respect from others and cooperation to achieve common goals.

    I have a wonderful wife, Judith Baker, two millennial (now in their 30’s) offspring, two grandsons and am an energetic 64 years old. We have Labrador Retrievers at home, AKC Champions and have a couple of puppy litters every year.
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