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sticky Radio Daze in the Park on Saturday, May 15th By Doug KM4LKC · Edited
Phase 2 - An Emergency Communications Exercise 25 messages By Doug KM4LKC ·
CARS Spring Picnic on Saturday, March 13th 5 messages By Keith K4ROX ·
Special Event - 6 Meter Net on April 15th @ 7:00 pm. By Doug KM4LKC ·
moderated Winter Field Day on Saturday, January 30th and Sunday, January 31st! 36 messages By Doug KM4LKC ·
moderated AAR - December 5th Emergency Communications Exercise 12 messages By James W0ZEN ·
locked December 5th - Testing the capabilities of the Hand-Held Radio 43 messages By Michael K4YG ·
locked Message handling for our December 5th Emergency Communications Exercise 5 messages By Donald KG5RVW ·
locked Pictures of Summer Field Day 2020 By Doug KM4LKC ·
locked Summer Field Day Photos 3 messages By Joe KK4TOI ·
locked Field Day 2020 After Action Review 2 messages By Neil KO4BHI ·
locked Did you operate Field Day from home? By Donald KG5RVW ·
locked CARS Field Day Update - June 23. By Donald KG5RVW ·
locked Summer Field Day 5 messages By Jim Kantor W4KAN ·
locked ARRL VHF Contest By Donald KG5RVW ·
locked UHF Simplex Challenge - Saturday, May 30th By Doug KM4LKC ·
locked See Updated Post - Local UHF Simplex Contest 6 messages By Doug KM4LKC ·
locked Winter Field Day 2020 - How CARS placed By Dennis W6BFK ·
locked Local VHF simplex contest logs 14 messages By Doug KM4LKC ·
locked Florida QSO Party 2020 By Dennis W6BFK ·
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