locked Re: Emergency Communications Exercise #digitaldata #emcomm


This should be fun.  The idea is to make it easy for amateur radio operators to try out their rigs and NVIS antenna systems.  Ideally, operators can set up from the comfort of their homes.  If you can, try operating with emergency power.  And for the bold, pack up your gear and head out to a local park for a truly portable operation.

It sounds like we have several portable stations that will operate from Charlotte County.  I will also contact Ft Myers Amateur Radio Club, CCFLARES, Sarasota Radio Club, and the Section Manager for ARRL WCF. Maybe we can get a few additional stations operating from the ten-county section of West Central Florida and Ft Myers.  I hope this will give everyone a better indication of their station's capabilities. 

We should map out an operating plan for the event.  I believe that the WCF Ares emergency frequency list includes 3.911 and 7.281 as the primary voice and digital points for emergencies.  We also want to experiment with 20 meters for the exercise.  What are your thoughts on the following plan:

10:00 am local -    3.915 +/-  voice
10:30 am local -    3.578  JS8
11:00 am local -    14.280 +/- voice
11:30 am local -    14.078  JS8
12:00 noon      -     7.280 +/- voice
12:30 pm local -     7.078 JS8

Let's sketch out an operating plan.

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