locked Re: Summer Field Day #operatingevents

Donald Kumpost

Paul & Mo

All equipment (radios, antennas, computers, etc) that will be needed has already been identified as to who is bringing what items.  This is all part of the early planning process (how many stations, how many antennas, what kind of stations and antennae, etc) for field day.  So, that said, you will not need to bring any of those items.

Other equipment - Probably the only items you may want to bring are your own headseats if you have a pair you would rather use.  Although I will be bringing two pair for my station, you may want to use your own (more comfortable, better sound, personal preference, etc).  In that case, feel free.

PPE:  We will have hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, etc for use.  If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, you will need to bring your own.

Other:  As we are outdoors, you may (strongly encourage) want to bring insect repellent.  We will be taking measures to reduce the number of bugs, but a multi-layer defense will work best.  Also may want to have sun screen if you are sun sensitive.

We won't have an in-person meeting for this prior to field day, although we will cover topics during our monthly CARS meeting on the 11th.  Also, as I stated on the net this evening, I will be sending out an operations plan which should lay out everything in pretty great detail.  That should go out early next week.

And if it makes you feel any better, this is only my 2nd summer field day that I have participated in - so you aren't that far behind me.


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