locked Summer Field Day #operatingevents

Donald Kumpost

ARRL Summer Field Day is about a month away, and the CARS Field Day planning group is hard at it.  As most of you know, field day is the last full weekend of June, so this year it runs from 2:00 PM EDT Saturday, June 27th to 2:00 PM EDT Sunday, June 28th.  CARS will be setting up their operating site in the screened in pavilion at the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center just off Burnt Store Road.

This year, our biggest challenge is balancing maximum member participation - ensuring all members (especially including less experienced members) have an opportunity to contribute to the club success by working as both operators and loggers with the concerns for minimizing COVID-19 health risk  to participants.  To do this, we will do a much better job of scheduling when people are on site so that during peak operating hours, we have enough members on site to cover all the sations while also limiting the number of "extra" people.  

To help us accomplish this, I will be sending out a poll to the membership where you can indicate two things.

 First, your responses will be divided into either "Experienced Operator" or "Learner Operator".  There is no hard and fast metric as to who is experienced and who is learner, it is up to your comfort level.  The end goal is to make sure that less experienced operators are paired up with more experienced operators to help mentor them through the event.  This is where the real learner goes on.

Second, you will be able to indicate which times slots you are available to work.  The time slots on the poll will be rather large (generally three hour increments), but this is only to simplify the poll.  Anticipate operating or logging for one hour to at max two hour increments.  Beyond that and fun starts to turn to work.

So, be looking for the poll (it will be coming out shortly).  If you have any questions/concerns, please let me know.

Don Kumpost

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