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Dennis W6BFK

Fellow CARS members,

We are just under two months away from Field Day (June 25-26), and it's time to start organizing and planning another successful Field Event.

We will be holding a Task Organization and Site Survey meeting at the operating site May 14th @ 1100 hrs, located at 29075 Riverview Ln Punta Gorda.

We have some exciting improvements for Field Day this year!

1.  An Air Conditioned Clubhouse!
2.  An open space for Antennas
3.  An Air Conditioned Clubhouse!
4.  A Resonate Monopole Vertical Antenna to go with our Beam/Fan Dipole
5.  An Air Conditioned Clubhouse!
6.  A new Bandpass Filter system that allows stations to safely and effectively share the Beam.
7.  An Air Conditioned Clubhouse!
8.  Three (3) operating stations sharing more powerful antennas with reduced or eliminated interference.
and An Air Conditioned Clubhouse!

It all adds up to more fun for more Members.

So please join us in planning and executing our Best Field Day yet!


Dennis W6BFK

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