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Emergency Communications Exercise
Saturday, March 19th from 10:30 am until 12:30 pm

Help us check YOUR amateur radio communications equipment on VHF and UHF simplex operations before the 2022 hurricane season arrives.  The Charlotte Amateur Radio Society will hold a 2-hour VHF/UHF Simplex Emergency Communications Training Exercise on Saturday, March 19th  from 10:30 am until 12:30 noon.

The objective is to evaluate our ability to gather information from local amateur radio operators and pass the information to a local command station using JS8 Call.

Our primary goal is to test YOUR VHF and UHF voice communications on FM Simplex operating frequencies.  Can your equipment communicate with any of the portable stations? Can you contact all three portable stations?  Will your HT work or do you need to use your base rig?  Do you have mobile capabilities?

You can operate your equipment in any OR all three classes of operation:

  1. BASE
  2. MOBILE 
  3. HT (Handie-Talkie)

You will send your call sign, 6 digit grid square, class, and power (100 watts, 50 watts, 5 watts, etc.) by FM voice on the designated frequencies listed below. 

EXAMPLE:  KM4LKC, EL96bx, Base, 50 watts

Our portable operating stations below will confirm the receipt of your information. You can contact another portable station or you can change classes and try again.  It may be possible to make 18 contacts (9 on VHF and 9 on UHF) depending on your equipment and location.

The secondary goal is to test each portable station’s capabilities to gather information and pass digital traffic to a central command station.  Each of the portable stations will send their logged contact information to a central command station using JS8 Call on 6 meters. The JS8 Transmissions should occur in "real-time" as the contact information is gathered.  A log sheet is available that allows the logging of five (5) contacts, which can be passed to the portable JS8 station for transmission to the central control station.  There is no need to wait for a timing sequence.  As long as the central control station is not transmitting (and it should not be), each portable station can send its contact information as quickly as reasonably possible.

CARS plans to deploy three (3)  portable operating stations spread across the county.  We expect to have stations in El Jobean, Murdock, and Punta Gorda.


El Jobean, Florida


VHF SIMPLEX - 146.425 10:30 am local

UHF SIMPLEX - 446.050   11:30 am local


Murdock Florida


VHF SIMPLEX - 146.450 10:30 am local

UHF SIMPLEX - 446.100 11:30 am local


Punta Gorda Florida


VHF SIMPLEX - 146.475 10:30 am local

UHF SIMPLEX - 446.125 11:30 am local




All communication will be by simplex only with no repeaters nor internet involved.  We will operate on the following frequencies: 


VHF / UHF Simplex Frequencies


YELLOW ZONE  El Jobean = 146.425 446.050

GREEN ZONE  Murdock = 146.450 446.100

BLUE ZONE Punta Gorda = 146.475 446.125


6 - Meters

JS8 Call   = 50.318 USB




8:30 Set up

10:30 Voice Communication on VHF FM See the specified frequency list above

11:30 Voice Communication on UHF FM See the specified frequency list above

12:30 Breakdown


The three portable stations will transmit their log information in real-time using JS8.  All JS8 communications will be directed to a central call location using K3FHP as the call sign.



Having fun promoting amateur radio technology

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