NVIS Antenna Testing on August 28-29 #operatingevents #emcomm #makeitradio


Can you hear me now!

Join us for our NVIS Antenna experiment on Saturday, August 28th, and possibly Sunday, August 29th.

We plan to have a station located in Port Charlotte.  And we plan to have a system in Ft Pierce, FL, which is about 100 miles from Port Charlotte.  We also plan to have a system located in the Bonita Springs area located about 60 miles from Port Charlotte.  The Port Charlotte location plans to use an end-fed long wire antenna,  The other two stations plan to deploy a design similar to the military AS2259/GR antenna.

You can find a pdf attached to this post from DX Engineering explaining the antenna system.  The NVIS antenna described is based on the proven information from the military AS2259/GR antenna. It will provide excellent short-range communications and is easy to set up for an emergency or temporary communications.
 It's a dual-band inverted "V" at a height of 15 feet.
 The area required (footprint) is approximately 45 feet by 45 feet.
 The mast support used is fiberglass to avoid any signal coupling from the low antenna wires. The fiberglass sections are widely available on the military surplus market, or you can make your own support using PVC tube sections.
 The 4 wires used for the antenna elements are also used with rope to provide the support or guying for the 15-foot mast.
 Your tuner is connected to the antenna Center "T" using 100 feet of RG-8X coaxial cable. A tuner is required to match the antenna to your transmitter.

Join us for some playing radio in the field.

More details will follow on Thursday including frequencies, operating times, and modes.

Having fun promoting amateur radio technology

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