Re: IC-7300 software upgrade 7/2/2021

Howard Kunkel

Thank you Dennis,
I will have to check it out.

On Mon, Aug 23, 2021, 10:27 AM Dennis W6BFK <dennis@...> wrote:
OK,  I will have to give it a look.

I stumbled on a new setting strategy for the 7300 that would also apply to other rigs that use SD cards.

Since we use our rigs for a number of different modes, the strategy is to save a settings file to the SD card for each mode.

For example I have the following setting files on my SD card:
Digital Modes  (FT8, JS8)

So when I change modes,  I just load up the setting file from the SD card.  When I make a setting improvement, I save it out as a replacement.

It's keeps me from having to remember the different rig settings for the various modes.



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