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Hi Doug and group,
I would like to participate as a ‘home station’. I have been kept very busy the last 6 weeks as full time care giver for my wife. Somewhere during this time I missed/lost the date of the next exercise. While I can’t leave her alone, I can work my station from home.
I live in Burnt Store Marina to give you a place to put a pin 📌 in the map. I have a Yeasu dual band with 50 watts and a dual band antenna on the roof at about 20 feet at the tip.
Rod Brennan-K4BGU

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I think I was to help Bob with the Murdock location. If not, or needed elsewhere, I could possibly qualify for a home operator or one of the other fixed station operator.


Dave  NC4CC



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Radio Operators

Help Wanted – Will Train


In order to conduct the upcoming CARS Emergency Communications Exercise – Part II, the following positions are open !!!!


Home Operator – Individuals with UHF/VHF Radios (base, mobile, handheld) that will contact one of the four “County Wide Hubs” reporting your call sign, your 6-digit grid square, and your received signal report.  This will be reporting from your home location, no travel or transportation is necessary,  If you already check into the “Sunshine Net” then the only difference will be setting your radio to a different “Simplex” frequency from the list that will be provided.


Rover Operator (12+) – Individual with VHF/UHF mobile or a handheld radio that will rove around the county trying to identify dead spots and giving grid location and signal reports.  A few specific Rovers will also have time-stamped envelopes containing specific “Messages” that need to be communicated to “county Wide Hub” stations and the ability to copy responses.  Needs ability to travel around Charlotte County during the 2-3 hours the exercise will be underway.


VHF/UHF Station Operator (4) –  Much like “Net Control” on “nets” these operators will be running the UHF/VHF radio at one of the County-Wide Hubs, making contacts with the Home Operators and Rover Operators and recording contacts and messages.  The messages will be passed to the HF / Digital Operators for delivery.  If responses need to go back to the Rover Operator, these will come from the local hub’s HF / Digital Operators and be passed back to the originator.  Basic 2m/70cm transceiver operation skill a plus.


HF / Digital Station Operators (4) – This is the person that will be converting written messages received from the VHF/UHF station operators. JS8CALL and WIINLINK operating on RF will be the primary communications methods on both 6m and 40m.  Voice (Phone) will be used at specific time windows on 6m to measure that capability.  Familiarity with digital modes and using computers to send/receive both emails and textual messages a plus.

County Wide Hub Logger (8) – This entry-level position is perfect for someone new to the Club or an experienced operator with contesting experience. This person will help the station operators by being a second set of ears, copying down information, and maintaining the station logs. Opportunities to “swap out” with the station operators exist and will vary with knowledge and experience picked up on the job.

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