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Leonard N4LJT

Thanks Dave. Correct me if I am wrong, but my calculations show your antenna to be used down to 40 meters. I would like to operate on 80. I'm thinking it needs to be around 126.5'. Does this sound right?

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20’ is about as low as you can go. Better at 30’, even better at 40’. I have my dipole at 30’ at the feed point  and as a sloping inverted V antenna. The bend in mine is about 120 degrees. Center at 30’, one end at 25’, the other at 15’. Total antenna length is 104’.


Dave NC4CC



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looking for feedback on putting up an OCF dipole for 80 to 6 meters. is 20' elevation sufficient? can it be mounted in an el shape, do not have room for it to be mounted in a straight line. any other thoughts would be appreciated.

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