Locked Club Project - Build Your Own 6 meter antenna #makeitradio


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Angelo, K3YUN shares his recent success building an inexpensive antenna for 6 meters.  Angelo is able to work stations 18 miles from his QTH with this easy-to-build project.

Angelo shares the following information - 


The lengths that I used are as follows:
Measure 54 inches from the end of the coax, cut, and strip back the black outer covering.
Carefully cut back and remove the brad shield.
Measure from the point  where you removed  shield down the length of coax 49.5 inches, and place a mark on that point,
this is where the 13 turn winding will begin.
I placed a piece of shrink tubing at the point where shied was removed to keep water out.
After the antenna is completed you can prune the top half of the antenna for best SWR measurements, a photo of my reading is shown.
I have had great success with this simple half-wave vertical antenna talking over a radius of 20 miles. Your mileage may vary.

Parts List 

Here are some other link about this antenna:


Angelo, K3YUN

Having fun promoting amateur radio technology

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